DPA Auctions

Everyone’s heard it before, the auctioneer’s rhythmic chant while calling out numbers and items for sale. If you think this way of leading an auction is easy, guess again. Most auctioneers spend hours upon hours perfecting their craft, there is even a school of auctioneering. Plus, there are licensing exams they must go through which are anything but easy. If you’re curious about why someone chooses the career path as a smooth talker, read on.

The Auction

Imagine sitting at an auction, someone is announcing in a calm, slow voice. There are close to 200 items up for bidding. Bored yet? Exactly. One reason why an auctioneer announces in the manner they do is for the crowd. In fact, a bored crowd is an uninterested crowd and therefore less likely to pay attention or bid on items. It’s all about giving the crowd a fun experience. A bid ends with a loud bang and sold! That’s enough to wake anyone out of their slumber. The auctioneer not only chants the way they do for entertainment, but it encourages people to stay involved and keep bidding. It creates a sense of urgency and keeps things moving, which is good when you have hundreds of items to get through. To the untrained ear, it may sound like gibberish but there is a purpose behind everything said.

Additionally, an auctioneer is trained to catch a bidder with just a glance. When the bidding process is that fast paced, multitasking is extremely important. There are mistakes, however. Nobody’s perfect! Interestingly, people get so into their craft that there are competitions held. They are judged on multiple categories including their ability to catch bids, the clarity of their chant and more. A good auctioneer is so much more than your average salesperson. To them, it is an art form that takes an immense amount of time and dedication. Plus, there are a lot of great benefits of going into this career.

Benefits of Auctioneering

As an outsider, you may be wondering what the draw of auctioneering is. First off, there is a great amount of independence as an auctioneer. As a matter of fact, many auctioneers choose their own schedule and are their own boss. That definitely has a certain allure to it. In addition, they face new and exciting challenges almost every day. They are not stuck behind a desk all day long, like a lot of careers out there.

Plus, most people with a career in auctioneering have a pretty nice cushion in the bank. This is because they are paid in lots of different ways, either commission, salary, or a set fee. If a commission is paid, the percentage ranges from 2% all the way to a whopping 30%. On the other hand, the range for a set fee or salary is usually between a hundred all the up to a couple thousand dollars. Not bad for a days work! Auctioneers have a pretty sweet gig, and they also take pride in it. That’s because most people see them as community leaders, as they work closely with top business owners.


It may surprise you to know, but there are auction schools all over the country. In addition, there are even a few schools in parts of Canada and one in South Africa. Most schools offer education geared towards gaining an auctioneering license. Overall, the cost of auctioneering school is not bad considering all the skills that are gained.